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Breaking Barriers

The art of being a woman in medicine “Medicine as a profession is relentless,” said Dr. Angie Thompson, an obstetrician and gynecologist with OB Hospitalist Group and Mayo Clinic. “It is almost like a merry-go-round that’s going very fast. Unless you take time to jump off it or slow down, …

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Women’s Health Issues + Dr. Florence John Q and A

Lack of resources, poor diagnoses and unequal care cause medical issues   The issue of women’s health is an endlessly complex and controversial topic. For centuries, it has been argued upon and disagreed upon, but it has mostly been completely neglected. It seems as though society is curious only with …

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Rap Music and Women

How does rap music shape our understanding of gender? BY DANY ROBINSON, GUEST WRITER One of the most popular genres of music is Rap/Hip-Hop. Rap is a form of musical expression that incorporates rhyme, rhythm, and “street” vernacular. Majority of today’s rappers rap about: money, cars, drugs, fame and success, …

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