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Talon staff values

Our staff values It is a tradition for newspapers to publish a staff editorial every issue. A staff editorial is an opinion piece written by the entirety of the staff or an editorial board. The board forms one opinion about a topic and publishes an unsigned opinion piece.  Recently, The …

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Poll: Younger Americans express shift in values

Teens’ values are shifting Rutger Hoekstra, a junior, considers patriotism, having children and religion as “very important” values. These views actually put Hoekstra in the minority among his generation. According to an August 2019 poll by The Wall Street Journal, young generations consider values like those much less important than …

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Challenging values

Junior Brady Ryan examines the value of his possessions by tossing most of them out by Brigid Kelly Talon Staff Writer 100 things. That’s it. Nothing more. Could you do it? Junior Brady Ryan is trying. Over the past year, the “100 Thing Challenge” has gone viral because of a …

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