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Front ‘n’ center

COVID-19 essential workers fighting on the frontline For front-line health care workers, the pandemic has brought many untold stories. “There was a bus driver who came in with COVID,” said Rachel Burton, a physician and hospitalist at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. “He was unvaccinated, but a healthy guy under …

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Cold nose, warm heart

Furry friends prove beneficial for owners’ mental health August 2, 2017 is a day that the Minnehaha community will never forget. “I was in the building that day when the explosion happened,” said Emily Kennett, the assistant to the athletic director. Many people have had traumatic experiences, and their pets …

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Being the best or doing your best

Walking into  Minnehaha Academy high school, there is a reason the freshmen are the first group of people you see. Eager and excited for their new experiences in high school, they sit in their hallway with their nice outfits and grins on their faces. As you make your way up …

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