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Financial Fiasco?

Pandemic, amateur investors impact market For young people looking to enter the workforce, the state of the economy is a significant factor in determining how easy finding a job will be. Brought on by the pandemic, safety guidelines have forced businesses to close and shattered demand for others. Fewer people …

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Marketing strategies used at Christmas

Turning holiday no-no-no’s into ho-ho-ho’s: Marketing strategies that sell Christmas Alarm set for 2:00 am. Check.  Clothes set out in advance. Check. Credit cards in the wallet. Check. On your mark. You’re ready. Set. Go shopping from 3:00 am – 6:00 am for exclusive early shopping 50% bonus discounts at …

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Life skills

Life requires more than math and science There are financial, practical and personal lessons that young adults need to know before heading off to college that are just as essential to success as high school Math and English By Frances Hoekstra, Talon Staff Writer How to pay taxes, how to create a …

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