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Science makes a difference

Researchers attempt to produce a “Universal” flu vaccine. The research which began in 2009 has built a strong foundation and brings hope. Early this February news of the flu seemed to appear everywhere. It was a chaotic time as young and old became sick. Throughout every Minnehaha hallway posters to …

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Parasitic flu makes its danger known

Widespread winter influenza forces Minnehaha students to deal with extreme consequences “Carly was one of the most caring, kind, fun-loving and outgoing girls I have ever met,” said freshman Lucy Awe. Awe lost a good friend, Carly Christenson, to the flu on Jan. 9. “I never saw Carly without a …

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Fact Check: Does the flu shot actually work?

Can you really trust your health to a vaccination? The question:  Is the flu vaccine really effective at preventing the flu? The explanation:  Coughing, sneezing, throwing up and tissue box after tissue box; it’s mid-February and we’re now nearing the end of the 2013 flu season. Many students at Minnehaha …

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