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Surviving Christmas with the relatives

Closing in on the holidays spikes stress levels for teens, luckily Counselors have great ways to cope. "We've discovered two critical things: one, most Americans feel that Christmas is a time for family. Two, most Americans feel that in order to stand being around...

Mother-daughter relationships

Setting limits, seeking independence, experiencing warmth and conflict: exploring a complex relationship. By Katerina Misa.

Seniors and their siblings

When a graduate leaves home, how are younger siblings affected? There are 101 students in this year's graduating class. Of those 101 students, 30 have siblings that go to school at the North Campus. The siblings vary throughout the three lower grades. The sibling...

Presence trumps presents

  The commercialism of Christmas has eclipsed the idea of spending time with family and loved ones. The Talon staff shares their opinion regarding this clash of values.    s Black Friday sales begin even on the day of Thanksgiving, the...
Searching for her roots

Searching for her roots

Senior plans trip after graduation to meet her birth mother International travel is common for many Minnehaha students...

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