Olivia DuBois

Seniors and their siblings

When a graduate leaves home, how are younger siblings affected? There are 101 students in this year’s graduating class. Of those 101 students, 30 have siblings that go to school at the North Campus. The siblings vary throughout the three lower grades. The sibling staying in high school will receive …

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The success of the block

Minnehaha’s block schedule has affected students and teachers since it was put in action “I had every single class, every single day,” said freshman Anna Zellie. “The homework I got was due the very next day and I feel like I rush it when that happens.” She was talking about …

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Freeman showcases his talent outside of school

Nicholas Freeman was acting in a play, Baby Case, outside of school. The show told the story of the 1932 trial following the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s twenty-month-old baby. Freeman’s main character was the prosecuting attorney, named Wilentz, but he also plays seven other characters. Baby Case was …

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