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The dangers of teen driving

Distractions from phones, friends can be lethal 31,785 people in 2022 lost their lives in traffic accidents. Approximately 12,000 of those deaths were children ages 1-19. Young adults and seniors are at the highest risk of getting in minor to fatal car accidents and...

Reasoning the drop

Consumers are used to fluctuating gas prices and welcome the recent drop but drivers should still be wary of the economy and its constant changing climate Driving down Lake Street on the way to school or even going to fill up at Super America just a few blocks from...

Day 110 River Road

Snowfall creates slippery conditions on the River Road leading to Minnehaha. Photo by Maddie Binning.

GPS nightmares

While GPS systems help students navigate where they're going, the risks and drawbacks associated with them may outweigh the benefits "We were in Europe over Christmas break because I've got a brother who lives in Switzerland," said AP English 11 teacher Ken Myhre. "We...

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