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Why CFE is important

Why CFE is important Our freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior staff perspectives on the importance of CFE Every spring, students participate in Cultural Field Experience (CFE). Students are sent to local, national and international sites to experience and learn from different communities. It is often underappreciated. Here are four perspectives …

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Discovering new stories

Discovering new stories This year’s CFE theme puts focus on listening to others Pitter-patters and stomps from shoes echo throughout the gym as the little kids zoom around. Their laughs are roaring and their smiles are beaming as Anna Noble and her peers chase them around the gym at Baby’s …

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Changes to CFE for ’18-’19

Explosion alters CFE program Interim CFE director Jessa Anderson plans for CFE in 2018-2019 school year After the explosion on August 2, many things were forced to change and adapt to a new school year, including the Cultural Field Experience (CFE) program. The decision was made that the school year …

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Wrong place, wrong time; still happy

“Little Simeona, still small but sufficiently smart, goes to her mother who is sitting in the garden under the blossoming apple tree. She takes both of her mother’s hands and asks: ‘Dearest mommy, tell me some sunny words that will make me love everything.’ Mother is surprised at such a …

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Day 140 CFE Experiences

Students share their stories from this year’s CFE week. Photo by Maddie Binning.

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Sounds of CFE week still ring true

Students share reflections on their Cultural Field Experience site visits last March What is one thing that makes Minnehaha Academy unique? Three little letters: C.F.E. Cultural Field Experience this March gave every student in grades nine to 11 the opportunity to learn about others, and for some it was a …

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