Tom Haubrich

Beloved Bonnie Morris to retire

School librarian Bonnie Morris, a staple of the Minnehaha community, is retiring after over 35 years of educating the developing minds in the Upper School system. As she prepares to leave her long-standing job as a mentor and guardian of knowledge, the Talon Staff  asked her for her final thoughts …

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Wrong place, wrong time; still happy

“Little Simeona, still small but sufficiently smart, goes to her mother who is sitting in the garden under the blossoming apple tree. She takes both of her mother’s hands and asks: ‘Dearest mommy, tell me some sunny words that will make me love everything.’ Mother is surprised at such a …

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Small business, big screen

In the era of Netflix and megaplexes, an independent cinema in Columbia Heights gives audiences a classic moviegoing experience Tom Letness dimmed the lights hanging from the movie theater’s chandeliers and waited for the audience to quiet. He pushed a small DVD labelled “Spotlight, 2015” into a disk drive and …

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