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Mixing religion, politics with climate science

Katharine Hayhoe explains how political and religious views can shape understanding of climate change and the world “Wildfires, Once Confined to a Season, Burn Earlier and Longer,” “Sierra Nevada Snow Won’t End California’s Thirst” and “Climate-Related Death of Coral Around World Alarms Scientists” were all April headlines concerning critical and …

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Using conservatism as a shield

Do you believe that the earth is round? Or that the sun is at the center of our universe? Or that gravity exists? Do you think that humans need food and water to survive? Well, these are really trick questions, because they aren’t really choices that you get to make. …

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Facing climate change

Scientists agree on climate change, so why doesn’t America? “Ninety-seven percent of all climate scientists agree that the evidence is overwhelming that there is a human component to global climate change,” meteorologist Paul Huttner said. When 97 percent of a group of specialized scientists agree, they’re probably right. Why then, …

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