Will Anema

Apps to check out

Will Anema finds 15 apps in 3 categories that might help you Apps are everywhere. Businesses use them, students use them, kids use them, even the government uses them. There are over 700,000 apps available for Apple devices. Unfortunately, not all of them are very good, and since there are …

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Facing climate change

Scientists agree on climate change, so why doesn’t America? “Ninety-seven percent of all climate scientists agree that the evidence is overwhelming that there is a human component to global climate change,” meteorologist Paul Huttner said. When 97 percent of a group of specialized scientists agree, they’re probably right. Why then, …

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New alpine ski coach

Schaeppi hopes to continue tradition of success This alpine ski season there will be a new head coach, Brad Schaeppi. A former assistant coach at the Blake School, Schaeppi helped to lead the Bears to third place at the alpine skiing state meet last year. “Minnehaha Academy seems like a …

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