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Fact check: can T.V. really rot your brain?

Can T.V. rot your brain? The Accusation:  Watching television will ‘rot’ your brain. The Case: “Don’t you know that television rots your brain?! Turn that thing off and go outside!”. Ahh the statement that so many of us as teenagers have heard from our parents just as we were starting …

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Fact Check: Coffee and short stature

Can coffee really stunt your growth?   The Accusation: Coffee will stunt your growth The Case: I bet you’ve heard someone say to you that drinking coffee, as someone who is still growing, will stunt your growth. How did this mentality come about you ask? First we have to start …

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Fact Check: Knuckle Cracking and Arthritis

Can knuckle cracking really give you arthritis? The Accusation: Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis. The Case: “Hey stop that! Don’t you know that can cause arthritis?” You’ve probably heard somebody say this right after you’ve cracked your knuckles. Go ask your friends, your teachers and maybe even your …

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