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Scripture chapel

The annual scripture chapel was held today as 500 notecards with bible verses were strung up on fishing lines among the chapel stage. Social studies teacher David Hoffner introduced the chapel with a message reiterating how important remember the scripture really is....

All through art

Today's chapel was titled the 'Arts Chapel' by showcasing different mediums of student artwork, and it focused on the beauty of God-given talents. Junior Sierra Takushi recited an original spoken word poem, seniors Gabbi Johnson and Lily Askegaarde performed a...

Chapel provides a literal interpretation of God’s influence on us

As Mr. Stromberg sculpted pot after pot on stage today in front of the school, Dr. Crafton provided a less literal interpretation of how God is a potter and we are the clay that he molds. Stromberg's focus on making unique pots was an example of how God must go...

Day 161 Final Chapel

Senior boys put their arms around each other during the last song of their final chapel. Photo by Maddie Binning.
Day 47 Heather

Day 47 Heather

A returning speaker from Wooddale speaks to the school during chapel. Photo by Maddie Binning.