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Baby business

Students learn from start-ups As high-school students at Minnehaha start experimenting with different interests in careers and professions, some have started taking a big leap into the world of business ownership by creating their own company. These students range from seniors including Walter Trutna (landscaping), Zac Anderson (theater production), and Dason Thomas (financing), to freshmen and all cover a variety …

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Owning a small business during a pandemic

Small business owners in Minnesota face big challenges due to the pandemic Small businesses across the country are still reeling from the ramifications of the executive orders, spurred by COVID-19, that enforced temporary closures on certain establishments. It’s a time of instability and unforeseen outcomes, and it doesn’t seem to …

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Exploring Lake Street

Take a stroll down Lake Street Meara Cummings, Talon staff writer Even though it’s right around the corner, for most Minnehaha students their knowledge of Lake Street stops around 44th Ave. We all know about the Dairy Queen and the Super America from our after school snack runs, but not …

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