Biology Articles

Day 158 Animal Specimens

Small animal specimens sit in the biology room to be examined by students. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Day 136 Fruits and Nuts

Biology students study the structure of plants, fruits, and nuts. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Day 121 Bacteria Colonies

Colonies of bacteria are analyzed in AP Biology to determine genetic make up of the bacteria. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Day 114 Insects

Insects encased in resin act as models around the biology classroom. Photo by Maddie Binning.
Day 35 Butterflies

Day 35 Butterflies

Butterflies from a biology lab are kept in the classroom for observance after the lab is over. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Physics First

Physics First

Scientific actions and reactions Minnehaha adopts a new science curriculum, teaching physics as a foundation for other...