Maggie Ess

Slideshow: M.A. Commencement 2021

Graduation ceremonies were held Sunday, June 6, 2021, at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Photos by Maggie Ess.

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Coronavirus: Overview

What on earth is happening right now? Coronavirus shuts down school, the economy, the world in April and May 2020 We all remember the first day we heard about coronavirus or COVID-19. It started in late December of 2019, although most of us didn’t start paying attention until a few …

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Slideshow: M.A. boys’ hockey

Breck 5, Minnehaha 2 Jan. 23, 2020 at Minnehaha’s South Campus Photos and slideshow by Maggie Ess. M.A. boys’ hockey vs. Breck from Redhawksonline on Vimeo.

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Advantages of martial arts

Members of school community find that martial arts builds confidence, discipline “As a woman, I do feel nervous walking around in public by myself sometimes, and just always being more aware and conscious of the people around me and their perceived intentions has helped me in a couple different situations,” …

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M.A. hires new tennis coach

Williamson to coach girls’, boys’ teams Minnehaha has hired a new boys and girls tennis coach, Jose Williamson, Sr. Williamson loves to coach tennis. “I love the challenge [of coaching]” he said. Williamson began coaching in 1994. He coached at Urban Tennis (now known as Inner City Tennis) and at …

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