Lindsay Irmiter

Coronavirus: Online School

Online School vs. Traditional School BY LINDSAY IRMITER Staff Writer Online school is a new experience for most students across America, and the world. The coronavirus has taken the world by storm, and has resulted in over 200,000 deaths world wide. Due to the quick spread of the disease all …

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Slideshow: Madrigal Dinner 2020

Of Dreams and Schemes The 2020 Madrigal Dinner, with the theme “Of Dreams and Schemes,” was performed at Minnehaha Academy’s North Campus on Feb. 8 and 9. Musical performance by Minnehaha’s Madrigal Singers. Photos and slideshow by Lindsay Irmiter.

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How Minnehaha athletes prepare for games

Minnehaha athlete’s game preparation Preparing for a game is a huge part of the sport you play. Some athletes listen to a pregame playlist, others eat a certain meal before big games, and some wear the same socks every game. For Molly DiNardo, a freshman, cross country is a very …

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The health effects of diet and regular soda

Do soft drinks lead to an earlier death? Everyone knows that soft drinks contain unhealthy amounts of sugar, but new research by JAMA International Medicine suggests that diet soda might be just as bad for you, or even worse.  The JAMA study followed 450,000 Europeans for 16 years and tracked …

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