Greta Gesick

Do we romanticize mental illness?

How the media we watch glorifies teen mental illness Imagine you’re innocently scrolling on TikTok or some other social media platform to relax after a long day, and your for-you page is feeding you uncalled for posts blatantly promoting mental illnesses. Or, imagine you start to watch a TV show …

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How eating disorders affect athletes

When athletes struggle with food The pressures of sport can trigger eating disorders   “I saw others in my sport who were thinner than me and I wondered why I didn’t look like them,” said Emma, a student athlete. (Emma is not her actual name but she would like to …

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New at North: Slovakian Exchange Students

Kristián Kosterec and Petra Martonova have traveled all the way from Slovakia in Central Europe to study abroad fall semester at Minnehaha Academy. They attend C.S Lewis Bilingual High School, a private, bilingual Christian high school located in Bratislava, the capital. “I wanted to go somewhere junior year, and this was a nice opportunity,” Kosterec said. Martonova likes to travel and thrives outside of her comfort zone. “My …

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