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Understanding a crisis

This CFE, 18 students on the Germany/Italy trip had the opportunity to tour Berlin with a newly arrived Syrian refugee who shared his experience around different landmarks around the city of Berlin including Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust...

Milk with Ella: Episode 5, Mr. Enderton

Merry Christmas Milk with Ella fans!!! Kate and Ella have prepared a Christmas special..with the one and only Richard Enderton. Check out the holiday joy here: Milk with Ella: Episode 5, Mr. Enderton from Redhawksonline on Vimeo.

Milk with Ella: Episode 4, Mrs. Woetzel

Hola RedhawksOnline amigos! Ella and Kate made a special version of "Milk with Ella" today.....called "Leche con Ella" featuring the new Spanish teacher Senõra Woetzel! Check out Ella's awkward realization down below! Milk With Ella: Episode 4, Mrs. Woetzel from...

Milk with Ella: Episode 3, Sauer, Sauer and Sauer

After a brief hiatus.....host Ella Fredrickson and producer Kate Ali are BACK with a new episode of Milk With Ella. Confused about Sauer, Sauer and Sauer? You'll just have to watch the video to find out. Once you're done with the episode, check out the blooper reel!...

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