College sports: varsity, club or IM?

Posted: October 25, 2023

Students have many options to continue playing sports

Different people prefer different commitments and levels in sports
in college. Colleges actually offer three different levels of sports intramural, club, and varsity.

Intramural is a fun based, no pressure way for students to participate in sports at their school. Often a more unorganized college activity, there are many opportunities on

campuses for students to participate whenever convenient.
Club sports are the second level of collegiate athletics.

Quite a bit more competitive and more organized, club sports in college appeal to those who want a more competitive experience but still are not wishing for the intense Division 1 athletic experience.
Many club sports do require travel, as colleges compete against each other, but are still community based.

Lastly, varsity is the headline school team that requires a big commitment to travel and time.

A majority of the participants in the varsity collegiate sport level are being recruited to a university specifically for their athletic ability, and many are receiving aid and scholarship money just by being an athlete.

Often, the pride and joy of universities and their reputations are based on athletic successes by their varsity teams.
“I feel like the friends that I made through that were some of the like, they’re my best friends now being two years out of college,” said Erik Beckers, who played Division 3 tennis at Bethel University.

For Beckers, varsity sports in college was a great fit.
“I felt like I was able to have a social life, I was able to do really well in academics and then also play my sport, and then have good balance,” he said.
These three different types offer different levels and commitments that fit your schedule.

If you are committed to your academics and want a less time-consuming option, intramural sports are perfect in that you can choose when you want to attend.

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