New at North: Ann Weiss

Ann Weiss Joins Minnehaha as the new Learning Lab Teacher 

Ann Weiss, a Mother of three and former Spanish Teacher and Reading and Math interventionist is so happy to join us this year as the new Learning Lab Teacher.

 Weiss says the main thing that brought her here to MA was her kids. She not only liked the community but also the experience they were getting. 

When asked why she decided to take the Learning Lab position, Weiss said: “I just really love helping people, I love connecting with people.” 

She also mentioned that because the learning lab classes are so small she feels she gets more of an opportunity to connect with students and get to know them individually. 

Although Weiss was born in Minnesota she also lived in Mexico for 14 years, she and her family moved back here to Minnesota 8 years ago. When asked about her favorite thing about MA she said the thing she liked most was the diversity. 

“My kids are half Mexican, I think it’s nice that the kids can see diversity in themselves in their peers and in their teachers.” 

Wiess also stated that another one of her favorite things about MA was the community because Minnehaha’s community is so nice and welcoming. “I think a lot of schools talk about how they really care about their students but I feel like you really feel that at Minnehaha.” 

 Once her son, Mateo, started going to MA, she noticed how much he enjoyed it, and because of this, her daughter Bizzy began attending MA as well. 

Weiss also talked about how she feels that Minnehaha is true to its mission. Minnehaha’s mission is: MA provides high-quality education integrating Christian faith in learning so that students will grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and others. 

“A lot of times schools use their mission as a marketing tool,” says Weiss, “but Minnehaha really lives out their mission.” 

When asked if she wanted to share anything else Weiss stated, “I’m just super happy to be a part of the community… I don’t know. Is that dumb?” To answer that question, no. It’s not dumb, we all love the MA Community. 



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