Slovak students are back: Samo Markus

Samo Markuš excited to experience mid-America

Visiting Minnehaha Academy, all the way from Bratislava, Slovakia, is senior Samuel “Samo” Markuš, one of two Slovak students enrolled at Minnehaha for the Fall 2021 semester. In Slovakia, they attend the C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School, a sister school to Minnehaha, in Bratislava.

“I just wanted to see what America looks like,” Markus said. “The main thing is the experience. Also, it’s a language thing for me so I’m getting better at speaking English.” 

Markus is staying with senior Cal Daenzer’s family and has had the experience of visiting the famed Minnesota State Fair. 

“It was big, it was flashy, so that was really cool,” Markus said. 

Markus is currently playing JV soccer. 

“I really enjoy it, the team is great, and our coach is very nice,” Markus said. 

He will be staying for one semester.

“That means I will be leaving in December,” Markus said. 


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