2020 Election: What Democrats should expect for summer

Democrats need voters to pay attention

By Danielle Robinson, guest writer

We’ve narrowed down the top two candidates for this year’s race: former vice president Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump. The COVID-19 outbreak has made campaigning difficult for Biden, as he is solely participating in presidential events via live stream. Biden proposed that the parties hold virtual conventions this summer, to which Trump had negative things to say. Despite Trump’s opposition, holding a virtual convention is actually the best possible way to keep public safety and ensure that people are able to ask vital questions and voice their opinions.

Speaking of voicing opinions, Biden seems confident in his position based on his daily tweets and informational videos. Unlike Trump, Biden not only disses his opponent’s ideas but also uses logic to trump them (pun intended) and promote his own. Biden’s main way of getting Americans to like him is by stating what Trump is currently doing wrong and then assures that he will do the exact opposite if he becomes president. This isn’t a bad way of advocating for himself, considering the turmoil his opponent has caused in the last four years.

The main issue currently happening nationally/globally is the coronavirus. This pandemic could help or hurt the candidates. For Biden, he’s using this as a way of provoking people to vote for him. He emphasized his leadership during this uncertain time and laid out what he would do as president during a crisis like this. Amidst the current calamity, Biden created a 4-point plan for essential workers, implementing extra safety. And for small businesses, Democrats have already set aside funds for them.

Biden’s efforts in taking care of the American people and building their trust should definitely grant him votes in the upcoming election. According to polls given by CNN last month, nationally, Biden is “ahead” when it comes to key issues including his response to the virus. Joe Biden has a good chance of winning, but then again, Hillary Clinton had a good chance, too, in 2016, but we all saw how that turned out.

In regards to the local and state elections, public health, COVID-19, voting rights, and more, are all on the ballot. Democrats Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota’s U.S. senators, are urging the Trump administration to expand child care and provide guidance for families during this crisis. (Smith is up for re-election in November.) Any deci- sions that are made on behalf of the virus, are going to impact all people, including young people. It’s important for students to stay informed about these current events because they are the future and this influences them just as much as everyone else.

It’s time to start paying attention. This 2020 presidential election will definitely be one for the future history books.


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