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My favorite twitter source for NFL news is Ian Rapoport. He’s a reliable source that works for NFL Network and provides information on the most recent news surrounding The National Football League. He also writes a good amount for and does a good job of providing content.


Adam Schefter is probably the most well known source for NFL information. He’s all over ESPN and is arguably the best source for information regarding the NFL. Schefter is notoriously known for being the first to report breaking news and give incite concerning recent news around the league. Schefter is a must follow for all NFL football fans.


Todd McShay is another ESPN reporter that you probably see on television frequently around the NFL draft. McShay is a good source for NFL draft news, mock drafts and player evaluation. He also is a really good reporter in the college football scene. McShay is definitely a must follow for NFL draft news and mock drafts.


This website is a good source for all sports and is my go to for NFL News. The site is well rounded and gives good coverage from all angles in the National Football world. It’s a good reliable source that gives you all of the information you need surrounding the NFL or any other sport and is worth checking out if you’re a football fan.

Fansided is another really solid NFL source for all news. I have recently been using this source a lot for news regarding the NFL draft. Fansided does a good job in covering the draft and pushing out new mock drafts. It’s a good source if you want to have an inside scoop on who your team could select in the draft. This is a great source to use around draft time.





Baseball Prospectus is a great source if you’re a hard core baseball fan. This account provides extreme in-depth player evaluation and news for all of Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball and draft prospects. This is probably not a source you would frequently use if you’re a casual fan because of how in-depth the information is but it is a great source if you closely follow the league.


Baseball America is a good source for all ranges of baseball. It covers high school, college, and professional baseball. This is a source more for the high school and college baseball news but it all surrounds the MLB. This is a great source for draft news and player evaluation at the younger levels.


Bob Nightengale is a great source for general news around

the league. Nightengale provides the core news surrounding trades, interactions, in game reporting and current trending topics. He also can be humorous at times when interacting with fans on twitter which makes is content more original and interesting to view.


Baseball Reference is a good site for general information regarding statistics and standings around the league. If you want to know what your favorite players batting average is or your favorite teams record is this is the site to find out. It’s easy to operate and gives you all the information you need for stats and standings.

Fan Graphs is a good source for up in depth graph analysis on the game of baseball. They also have blogs and podcasts that are filled with content about MLB news. This is a good source for every type of viewer. The blogs and podcasts are great for the casual viewer and the in depth graphs are great for the more serious viewer.





Adrian Wojnarowski who works for ESPN as their Senior NBA Insider is one of the best sources on twitter regarding NBA news. He provides great insight on breaking news in trades, injures, trending topics and recent signings throughout the league. He also has a podcast called “The Woj Pod” that is worth listening to. Woj is a source worth giving a follow for all NBA fans.


This twitter account ran by Jonathan Givony is the best for news regarding the NBA draft. Recently partnered with ESPN, Draft Express provides scouting information on the top prospects in the world outside of the NBA. This is also a great source for college basketball fans and is worth following for draft news.


Many of you probably already follow the NBA on some sort of social media platform already. I recommend following this account if you’re not following it already because it provides good in game stats and highlights for the casual viewer. It’s a good source to view if you want to know what’s going on around the league game by game.


Hoopshype takes all the blogs and newspaper articles and condenses them into their own website. This website covers everything you need to know and some about basketball. This site is good for all NBA current news, trade rumors, NBA Development League news, European league news and specific sections for your favorite team and players.

This website is by far the best in my opinion for NBA draft news, mock drafts, rankings , history and pretty much anything you can think of relating to the NBA draft and records. They keep up to date mock drafts and push out out lot of articles surrounding players entering the draft.


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