Getting stronger off the green

Posted: December 16, 2016

Despite the snow fall golf players still work on their swing

           Freshman Luke Von Arx prepares to head into this year’s varsity golf squad as a returning freshman on the team.

Over the winter, Von Arx does a few different things to get ready for the upcoming season.

           One thing that he must do during the off season is to keep his technique easy and smooth. A way Von Arx can do this is to go to Minnesota Valley Country Club in Bloomington, Minnesota where there is a golf simulator. Von Arx goes to the club golf simulator about once a week to keep his stroke smooth. Other people may lift weights or do workouts to keep their arms strong, but Von Arx just keeps it simple by trying to play as often as possible.

           Even though Von Arx does this, Minnehaha Academy Varsity Golf coach, Robb Nelson encourages all players to workout in the off season and during the season. Though Von Arx has been in the varsity team since 7th grade he will have people to look up to on the varsity golf team like seniors Collin Steele and Elliot Dorow Hovland and captain, junior Carter Bell.

Bell has a similar winter preparation routine as Von Arx. “You have to go inside to work on swing and fundamentals.” Said Bell, who does this at Brackett’s Crossing in Lakeville. This upcoming golf season, it will be Bell’s first year as varsity golf captain.

           “The roles of the captain,” as bell states,” are to help others, help them with their swing and just facilitate because it’s not all about you.”

Parents also play in the student’s golf life. After the official golf season ends, Luke and his dad, Greg play all the time to keep their swing sharp. Luke’s parents want him to do well in the golf season, but as he says,” they don’t have to do much.”

         Like Von Arx, Bell and his dad, Bill, play all the time.

         Bell says, “My dad plays with me and helps me with my swing or anything else I might need help with.” If Bell were to have one winter day to prepare for golf, he said that he would work on his swing, putting and try to spread it out and not to focus on only one thing with his training.” In order to do this, Bell also has a separate coach, Chris Baisch, who helps him prepare for the season.

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