Six boys, 30 day canoe trip

Juniors Forrest Ahrens and Nils Andreasen travel to Ontario for a month long canoe trip on the Flint and Kapoka rivers

Juniors Forrest Ahrens and Nils Andreasen traveled on a 30 day canoe trip in Ontario with four other teenage boys and one college-aged YMCA leader.

On June 22, they scrambled into a truck packed with seven bulky backpacks, a six-person tent and a stack of fishing gear.

They said goodbye to cellular service and sanitary bathrooms and left for Wabakimi Provencial Park. Their trip was organized by YMCA’s Camp Menogyn.
For one month, the group of six boys whitewater canoed and portaged on the Flint and Kapoka rivers. They camped along the rivers each night and cooked their meals on a portable gas stove.
“My favorite moment of the trip was when we went down a chain of five waterfalls and portaged down a cliff to reach our campsite,” Ahrens reflected. “That day, one of our canoes almost went down a waterfall when were unloading it so we had to jump in and swim it back from the edge. It was a fun way to spend a month of my summer. But we smelled awful when we got home.”


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