A move from college admissions to college counseling

by Sierra Takushi

As a new counselor at Minnehaha Academy, Ann Buesgens is eager to apply her experience with college admissions in order to guide high school students academically.

Buesgens has worked in various positions in university offices, ranging from being a multicultural counselor to an international coordinator. With this experience, she offers a hands-on perspective on “what really happens on the other side of the table.”

“In the universities I’ve been at, I have read the applications, I have read essays, I wait for the test scores to come to us,” she said. “And now I’m on the other side, where we’re sending everything, and I’ll be helping you guys write your recommendations and essays.”

In her new position at Minnehaha, Buesgens will specialize in college counseling. Her responsibilities include working with SAT and AP testing and school profiling.

Buesgens has already enjoyed the student appointments she’s had in her first week at Minnehaha. Although still learning the ways of the high school, Buesgens has obtained a bit of Redhawk pride from the friendly people and the academics.

Along with this pride, is an enthusiastic spirit about her role in the school.

“It’s fun to be using the skills that I have and for the passion that I have of helping students get into higher education,” she said.


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