Minnehaha Day by Day: Fall 2013

Relive the year so far…

Junior journalist Maddie Binning has been posting one photo per school day on Redhawksonline since the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year. Here is a compilation of her daily photos from the fall semester of 2013.

Photos and video by Maddie Binning. Music by Ivan Chew.

Minnehaha Day-by-Day, Fall 2013 from Redhawksonline on Vimeo.


About Maddie Binning

Maddie Binning is a senior at Minnehaha Academy and Editor in Chief of the Talon Newspaper. Maddie has worked on the Talon for four years and hopes to study journalism in university. When she isn't working on the paper, Maddie is both a freelance photographer and a photographer at Lifetouch Portrait Studios. She also has a passion for reading, music and traveling.

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