Teachers return after break

Swanson and Calvin come back to M.A. after a year off.

When teachers return after sabbatical or part-time schedules, they bring back a renewed sense of purpose and an enriched life to share with students. When Amy Swanson, director of cultural immersion, decided to leave MA for a year after the birth of her daughter Zinnia, she volunteered with a non-profit called Breaking Free, the largest U.S. organization dedicated to stopping human trafficking.

“I’m excited to integrate things I’ve learned on sabbatical into the CFE (Cultural Field Experience) program to strengthen the program,” said Swanson.

She believes that when her students have firsthand experience with people who live differently, it will help them see that others have equal worth and dignity.

Another teacher, Anne Calvin, joined MA full-time this year after her part-time schedule the past few years.

While Spanish students are excited to have her back, her teaching colleague in foreign languages, French teacher Mark Norlander declared, “I am elated because she is the only teacher who still believes that the school computers are voice-activated!”



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