‘Jump through a brick wall’

It took more than a motto to lead the Minnehaha boys’ basketball team to state

With a minute and six seconds left, Litchfield’s Zach Whitchurch makes a three to give the Minnehaha boys’ basketball team just a one point lead in the state championship game. Then with 16.2 seconds left senior Kaharri Carter gets fouled and makes a free throw to give the Redhawks a two-point gap in front of the Dragons.

Then with 12 seconds left on the clock Litchfield gets possession of the ball once again but with solid defense from seniors John Pryor, Thomas Gedion and Carter, the Dragons are unable to make a shot and the clock runs out making the Minnehaha Academy Redhawks boys’ basketball team the state champions.

Then came the hugs and tears for the Redhawks, and they were awarded number one in state. After the game senior Marcellous Hazzard was awarded with the player of the game award with 14 points and six rebounds, while seniors Jesse Johnson, Carter, Hazzard and Gedion were named a part of the Class 2A All Tournament Team. A team that was ranked ninth in their conference and were not even supposed to win their section at the beginning of the season became the 2A Minnesota state champions.





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