Something new for lunch

Students, staff adjust to food service change

You’ve been sitting in that uncomfortable laminate wooden seat for the past eighty minutes, with your stomach making obnoxious grumbling sounds, when finally salvation has arrived in the form of the lunch bell. You rush to get a taste of the food you’ve so deeply anticipated, but now there’s something new on your plate.

Taher food service has taken lunchtime to a whole other culinary level. Ever since Minnehaha started using this new food service, almost everyone has an opinion. The former lunch ladies, the teachers and the students have been given something new to chew on and the results have proven to be a mixed bag.

“I like [the new lunch service],” said the Rev. David Elliott, sacred studies teacher. “I like the atmosphere, I like the way it seems that the workers are enjoying it.”

Although the collective opinion is that the food is great, there’s something different to be said about the prices.

“The food quality is very good but I think they can lower the prices,” said sophomore AJ Chelgren.

Sophomore Carissa Shern agrees with the prices being a bit too high, but is willing to compromise.

“I’m not loving the prices so much,” she said. “But if we get to have name brand food like Doritos and Vitamin Water, then I guess it’s worth it.”

The students and teachers aren’t the only ones adjusting to change. The Taher lunch staff is as new to the school as the food that they bring with them.

“We miss being a part of Minnehaha,” said North Campus Cook Laura DuBois. “But Taher has been good to us.”

“It’s been really fun working under Chef Johnathan,” said North Campus Cook Sandy White.

Executive Chef Johnathan Barnes has the same opinion of the former Minnehaha staff, as they have of him.

“A lot of fun [goes on behind the counter],” said Barnes. “It’s a lot of work too, to run two kitchens…at the lower school and here at the upper school, but it’s fun. [The whole staff] expects a lot out of each other but we also have a really good time together.”

It’s safe to say that the change in food service is something that the students like.

“I think it’s really cool that they have so many different choices,” said Shern. “I love that they have different options that we didn’t have before.”

And Taher seems to like Minnehaha too.

“…I mean the staff is amazing, absolutely amazing, all of them,” said Barnes. “And the students are a blast. It’s just that relationship [with everyone that’s] awesome, and I really appreciate that.”


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