Dangers of energy drinks

Deaths may be linked to energy drinks

In a report recently released by the Food and Drug Administration it was reported that five people may have died because of drinking Monster Energy over the past three years. It is uncertain whether or to what extent Monster played a role in the victims’ deaths. Another beverage, 5-Hour Energy, was named in more than 90 FDA filings, including 13 deaths; and in 13 injury filings, Rockstar Energy was named. The filings do not prove that the beverages caused the deaths, but the FDA report may lead to greater scrutiny of energy drinks.

Sophomore Justin Nasifoglu used to drink energy drinks once in a while in 7th and 8th grade. He no longer drinks them because he almost passed out after drinking two or three drinks without having breakfast first.

Not everyone reacts to energy drinks badly. Junior Morgan Wiersma drinks an energy drink every morning.

“I mostly drink them because I’m not a morning person and caffeine helps,” said Wiersma. “Now I’m addicted to caffeine so I drink them so I don’t get headaches.”

FDA officials have recently released that there hasn’t been enough evidence to take action on caffeine levels in energy drinks.


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