Jim Wald retires

Director of finance says good-bye after 45 years

Jim Wald, M.A. director of finance and operations

To most, the end of the school year means three months of relaxation. For some, however, the end of the school year means having to say good-bye. We expect to say goodbye to our graduates, but we must also say goodbye to a face that has been around Minnehaha Academy for 45 years – 41 as a teacher and administrator and four as a student.

Wald, currently the director of finance and operations at North and South campuses, has also taught drafting and woodworking and served as facilities manager.

“I will miss the enthusiasm, excitement and energy of the students, I will miss interactions with wonderful parents, and I will certainly miss all the terrific people I have worked with,” said Wald. “I will also miss being a part of a very important work – educating young people.”


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