Winter fashion trends

Making winter fashion trends work

How to stay warm and in style

by Emma Tyler, Talon staff writer

The dreaded walk in the dead of winter, from the warm heated car to the commons of M.A. No one wants to fall on their butt and embarrass themselves in front of everyone, but students can’t stay in their cars all day, so eventually they man up and walk, as quickly as possible, which was a mistake, to the front doors.

But right as your super cute flats touch the icy deathtrap below you, your legs fall straight out from under you.  You wouldn’t be in this predicament if you’d just worn something practical for winter like Uggs, but no! You were trying to be “daring” this morning and try something “in” this season.

Was it a mistake to put on those adorable feminine flats? They were so cute in the store…but now; they are your worst enemy.

Freshman Taylor Bye laughed while she told this story, but she admitted it was actually “really embarrassing” when it happened.

This situation sound familiar? It seems impossible to be in on the new trends and be warm enough to survive the Minnesota cold.

Only the fearless fashion lovers would sacrifice their warm cozy sweaters for patterned tights and spike heels. In Minnesota winters, there is a rare chance of that happening.

So, what’s the style this winter? This year, the colors green, dark red and plum purple are in according to magazines like Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Marie Claire, websites like and and Percelle Gregory – a Macys Personal Shopper. Also, patterned tights and furry, fuzzy things.  Lastly, a revisit from the 70’s – sequins, turtlenecks and sweater-vests are very chic for winter. These are all things we’ve seen before, but the trend is “mixing the old with the new,” says Gregory.

One of the most popular things they are advertising is scary news for Minnesotans: spike heels.

However, not all Minnesotans give up their most stylish pieces just to be warm. Freshman Kalli Gilmer has an interesting approach on staying cute and warm. According to Gilmer, the key to keeping warm is wearing layers. Though she advises against too many, because you could “end up looking bigger than you really are.”

When you see magazines advertising new trends,

“You definitely need to modify things, says Gilmer.

Of course you can always have a mix of both comfort and style, according to freshman Hazen Mayo. Mayo see’s the best of both worlds.

“You can have something warm and what’s in style too if you find something that’s comfy but fits you.”

Junior Bryanna Williamson loves staying warm, but looking cute doesn’t always take a back seat. She tries to base her outfit on the weather. If she has a new dress she’ll pair it with a sweater and tights to stay warm enough .

“It all depends on how you look at it,” Says Williamson “[It depends on] what you’re willing to sacrifice to stay comfortable and cute at the same time.”

Senior Simone McIntosh thinks staying warm is very important, but she doesn’t give up on looking trendy! She always buys “what’s trendy but what [she] likes.”

When you go closer to the trendy side that is from a warmer climate’s perspective, it doesn’t really work out. In Minnesota, “we need to be warm” says McIntosh, she advises North face coats because they are warm yet cute.

Shoes are so cute, but are they are usually so impractical in the winter? When it comes to Hazen “spike heels are a definite no for winter” she says. She’d rather “go to [her] fluffy Uggs or moccasins.”

McIntosh believes that spike heels are a great idea only “if your commute is short” and she would wear them with jeans instead of a skirt to keep warm.

Macy’s Personal Shopper, Percelle Gregory, thinks cute scarfs and layering in the correct way are the best way to stay warm without bulking up and looking like a marshmallow. Mostly for Percelle, it’s all about perspective. You should always buy what works best for you.

“Find your style, find your fit and find your look,” says Gregory. When you do that, you’ve “found the key to fashion.”

If you’re trying to keep up with what’s in this winter, go for patterned tights and furry boots.  You wont completely freeze your legs off and they are quite practical.

So there you have it Minnehaha, keeping up with new trends and staying cozy is definitely possible!

Keep in mind, you might want to skip the spike heels if you and ice aren’t friends yet and always remember winter won’t go on forever even if it may seem that way!

Always have fun with what you wear,  “be smart, be daring, be fashion,” says Percelle Gregory.


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