Arts vs. sports

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Posted: April 5, 2011

The balance between sports and arts

Erin Mortenson

Staff writer

A high school student’s life is busy with homework, a social life, extra-curricular activities and jobs. Many students find it hard to do everything with their packed schedule. Some students are involved in both a varsity sport and a fine art.

“Just trying to fit in time to eat was a challenge,” said Sophomore Mikayla Coxe about her busy and stressful life during her involvement the fall musical, band and alpine skiing. “Yeah it adds stress to your life, but I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t worth it.”

Coxe is among many students who participate in both varsity sports and a fine art. Junior Cyrie Holman is involved in volleyball, softball and band.

“It’s a pretty big commitment,” said Holman. “Volleyball is two and a half hours per day and softball is about two. Sometimes we can have four [softball] games in one week. [There are] tournaments for both sports too. I’m also in jazz band, but we have concerts every so often, [so it’s] not as big of a commitment as sports but still something to think about.”

With so many commitments, it can be difficult when schedules clash.

“I try to ask both my coaches and teachers and try to come upon an agreement. If I was needed at a pep band and was only missing a practice I’d go to pep band, but if it was a meet or race I would more likely go to that,” said sophomore Jackie Bedingham. “I try to accommodate both the best I can.”

Sometimes, students cut it close to attend two activities on the same day. During the Fall Vocal Festival in October, members from the choir and Singers were rushing from football games and soccer games to get to the concert on time. Senior Andy Wright showed up a few songs into the concert, with mud on his face from the football game.

“Now that’s commitment,” said senior Matt McDonough, “[he] didn’t even bother to shower before coming to the concert.”

Wright was not the only student to rush to the concert. Many of the singers were in the soccer game and football games going on simultaneously. Luckily, that kind of conflict doesn’t happen too often, although Coxe remembers a time when a ski meet and a band concert were on the same night.

“There are a lot of us on the ski team in band,” she said. “[When] the second the race was over, we all jumped in cars and had to race from Buck Hill back to school. Most of us still had our ski gear on and had to change into our concert clothes in the car. We made it into our chairs with our instruments with maybe ten minutes to spare before the concert started.”

Being involved in sports and fine arts can be stressful, but the students involved in both agree it is worth it.

“Some of my most stressful times are when I’ve been busy with the musical and sports,” Coxe said, “but those have been some of the most fun times of the year as well.”


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