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What’s It Like: Nordic Skiing

What’s it like to be on the Nordic ski team? Episode 2 of our GoPro series takes you on a March 2021 practice run with Minnehaha’s boys’ Nordic ski team, which advanced to the state meet. Slideshow by Elsa Johnson.

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What’s It Like: Alpine Skiing

Introducing a new series Grace Torgeson takes you down an alpine skiing course This is the first episode in a GoPro video series that will take you into the action that Minnehaha students and athletes experience. Congratulations to Grace for finishing 5th in the Minnesota State Alpine Skiing Meet at …

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COVID and how it will affect indoor sports

The first challenge is getting prepared to play How will COVID-19 affect indoor sports? According to Dream Sorrell, who played volleyball during the fall season, volleyball practices changed since COVID. She stated that there were certain situations where you had to wear a mask at practice. Some examples were when …

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