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Class of 2020: Athlete destinations

Senior destinations for Redhawks athletes Compiled by Grace Kassebaum, Mykelti Dillard Smith and Luke Von Arx. Congratulations to the following members of Minnehaha Academy's Class of 2020: Swimming: Andrew Karpenko Softball: Kate Pryor Basketball: Mia Curtis and...

Spring update: softball

This year's softball program has more participants compared to last year; 21 players are currently practicing at the South Campus' lower gym, allowing the team to have both a varsity and junior varsity team. "The team is smaller and younger than they'd like to be,"...

Day 101 Spring Sports Sign-up

Softball players fill out forms for their upcoming season. Photo by Maddie Binning.
M.A. softball season opener

M.A. softball season opener

The Redhawks got off to a great start this year by defeating highly ranked New Life Academy. Make your own slideshow...