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Mental health aid

Minnesota nonprofit clinic Walk In is working to make counseling a tool accessible to all An estimated 43.7 million adults are living with mental illnesses in the US, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) done in 2012. Nearly half of children under 18 have had …

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Losing a language: what’s at stake?

“You can’t separate language and culture,” said Program Director Louise Matson of the Division of Indian Work (DIW), a branch of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches. The loss of native language has been an increasingly difficult issue among Native American communities. “When we’re losing our language, we’re losing our …

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Healing the past by creating anew

From pain to healing, local founder of a youth art organization shows the power of creativity “I heard a really loud clank and it was an immediate free fall,” said Lindsay Walz, a survivor of the 2007 35W Bridge collapse. “My car basically took a nosedive into the river.” Walz stared …

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