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Twentieth year of peace protests on the Lake Street-Marshall Ave. Bridge

Sub-zero temperatures, rain or shine. Christmas Day or just an average Wednesday, peace protesters will be on the Lake Street Bridge. “[The weeks I didn’t come out] were when my husband was dying, when I was getting chemo and the one or two times that I was out of town. …

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Eat globally, locally

Expand your horizons on food by trying one of several ethnic restaurants near school on East Lake Street There’s more than DQ and Dunn. Bros. within two miles of Minnehaha near East Lake Street. Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and try some foreign food? Is …

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Exploring Lake Street

Take a stroll down Lake Street Meara Cummings, Talon staff writer Even though it’s right around the corner, for most Minnehaha students their knowledge of Lake Street stops around 44th Ave. We all know about the Dairy Queen and the Super America from our after school snack runs, but not …

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