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Trading cash for coins

In-app purchases may seem harmless, but the real cost of gems and power-ups add up By Lars Grorud, Guest Writer Senior Andrew Wintz lounges back on his chair in the Campus Room as he completes a Google Survey on his phone; he receives 35 cents, a pretty good payoff...

Day 55 iPad Quizzes

Classes continue to incorporate iPads into daily curriculum. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Day 53 Literary Devices

English students create presentations about literary devices. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Younger generation swaps basic skills for tech

Have you ever texted someone who was in a different room, just to ask him or her to get you something or simply just to ask him or her a question, so you didn't have to get up? On homework assignments, have you ever tried to find an answer quickly on the internet by...
Technology in school

Technology in school

Minnehaha invests to become a school for the 21st century AP Chemistry students start their homework, AP U.S. History...



Some schools are experimenting with iPads in the classroom. Does the tablet computer have a future at Minnehaha?

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