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How are you using your time after school?

Expert tips for students who need a break but also need to get to work After school, most students who are still on campus waiting for a sports practice or for a ride home with parents like to socialize and play around with friends or go to get something to …

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Perfecting the balancing act of summer homework

“It’s vital that students imagine, wonder, daydream, are bored, solve problems and all of that,” said English teacher Katherine Myers. “If I could assign that as a summer assignment, I would.” Summer homework has been a part of nearly every high school student’s education, but whether or not it should …

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Reading in high school

Reading: lots of interest, little time “It’s different than when you’re in the city, when you’re driving around and there are [always] lights overhead,” began senior English teacher Kristofor Sauer. “[But] on car trips, especially out in the middle of nowhere, I would wait and wait and wait for a …

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