Freshmen Articles

Quietly quite exceptional

A talented Minnehaha freshman handles success in mathematics with humility and a smile.

Creative dance invitations

The unwritten rules surrounding dances at MA are a new obstacle for freshmen When freshman Grace Diersen woke up that morning in the week before the Sadie Hawkins dance, she knew she was going to ask freshman Justin Evenson to the dance; she just wasn't sure how. She...

Day 0: Freshman retreat

Conforming to fashion

Freshman Daniel Lim conforms to little else when he's designing Fifth grade. What are most of us doing in fifth grade? Playing outside? Playing with toys? What about designing and making a dress for your sister's doll? Not many of us can say that we have, but freshman...
A unique sport

A unique sport

Think lacrosse is a challenge? Try playing on a horse. Freshman Vanda Niemi tells of her adventurous experiences while...

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