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Teens with jobs

Beyond spending money: Teens with jobs are able to mature as people as they learn important life management skills and gain valuable insights into the world before they take their next steps Grade school: learn study skills, time management and teamwork in preparation for high school. High school: get involved in …

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College values

Molded, taught and indebted: Redefining the value of colleges in an age dominated by price tags Consider this: would you rather be modeled or molded? Trained or taught? In debt or indebted to an institution that has provided you with all the tools necessary to be successful, responsible and thoughtful …

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Minnehaha wealth gap

Minnehaha students must learn to navigate the muddy waters of socioeconomic differences “From the first moment you drive into the parking lot, you can see it from the type of cars people are driving,” said sophomore Kitra Katz. “And the first moment you come inside on the first day of …

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College debt increases

One trillion. That’s the mark, in dollars, that U.S. student loan debt just passed, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. According to the College Board, the 2011-12 published total cost for tuition, fees, and room and board at an in-state four-year public institution averaged $17,131. But that’s only the …

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