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A followup on the dangers of energy drinks

In November, Redhawksonline posted a story about a report written by the Food and Drug Administration that linked the deaths of five people to drinking Monster Energy beverages over the past three years. Although the FDA went on to say that there hasn’t been enough evidence to take action against …

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Ramirez energizes MA athletics

New athletic director brings energy to Minnehaha based on his experiences in Texas, Iowa and the Middle East “We were in the playoffs my senior year in high school,” Minnehaha athletic director Homar Ramirez recalled. “It was the bottom of the seventh and the bases were loaded. It was two …

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Energy awareness

Small steps can save big bucks on the school’s energy bill By Pauline Ojambo Talon staff writer Walking in from the cold Minnesota weather it’s reassuring to know that as soon as you step through the commons, you’ll be greeted with the warmth of the heaters. While sitting in class …

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