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Day 2 End of Classes

The student body files out of school at the end of the second day. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Day by Day: January

See all the daily photos from January paired with students memories and sounds from the school.Photos by Maddie Binning and Rachel Bartz. Video production by Maddie Binning. January from Redhawksonline on Vimeo.

A word from the bird

As dictionaries add new words, users adjust to change It's one of the most ordinary and inconspicuous books on the bookshelf. It's the oracle that holds the answers to questions such as "what does that mean?" It's the hero to confused students trying to cram a few...

Day 12 History Test

Students prepare to take their first double chapter test in AP World History. Photo by Maddie Binning.
Day 7 Picture Day

Day 7 Picture Day

Students report to the gym during their English classes to take their portriats. Photo by Maddie Binning.

Day 4 ’40s Video

Day 4 ’40s Video

Students enjoy a video from the '40s (voiced over by Mr. Stromberg) in assembly. Photo by Maddie Binning.