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Minneapolis moving mayhem

Residents resisting itch to leave city despite summer’s unrest The drone of helicopters fills the humid June air. Flames flare up as buildings are burnt to a crisp. Masses of people run rampant through the destroyed streets of Minneapolis, hammering through glass storefronts and graffitiing every wall in sight. Households …

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Chauvin verdict announced after a year of anticipation “Thank you. Please be seated,” said Judge Peter Cahill. After what seemed like an eternity, the courtroom camera began to shift its view downward from the golden “Great Seal of the State of Minnesota”, citizens of Minneapolis held their breaths as the …

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Crime in MPLS and STP

2020 sees rise in crime across country, including the Twin Cities, as cities debate police reform It was October 2nd, around 8 pm. when junior Caroline McHugh, along with fellow junior Stella Berlin, had just returned to Berlin’s St. Paul home after dinner at a restaurant. And it all happened …

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