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China: the rise & power of Xi Jinping

As Xi Jinping’s influence grows, China is elevated to a whole new political and economic stage “There have been a lot of changes in China since I grew up there as a kid,” said Jing Li, Chinese teacher. “The home, food, entertainment, and consumerism have changed the most.” Throughout the …

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Quarantining abroad–what it’s like as an exchange student during COVID-19

Home remains far away for Chinese students While many of us are staying at home, a small, but important section of our school community is quarantining while abroad. The school’s five students from China who have been quarantined face a compound challenge: taking classes at their host family’s homes with …

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The Crisis in Hong Kong

The Crisis in Hong Kong Hong Kong protesters fight for freedom against an oppressive totalitarian Chinese government This summer saw the largest protest in Hong Kong history, a city that has seen hundreds of protests. On June 16th, more than 2 million Hong Kong citizens or supporters of the Hong …

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