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Home by curfew? Good luck.

Complexity of curfew laws, uneven enforcement creates confusion for teens Aidan Phelps and Asa Wold, two 15-year-old freshmen, want to see the new movie Deadpool 2 this week. They could see it at Rosedale, Southdale or the Mall of America. They decide to meet Friday for the 9:45 p.m. showing …

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New school, new world

Chinese students overcome challenges and gain valuable experiences during their time at an American school [This story is also available in Chinese] “[In America], when a teacher gives you back an exam, they give it to you flipped over,’’ said LangTing Deng, who goes by Longine, a freshman Chinese exchange …

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The Falcon

Minnehaha’s most recent play, which followed a young, soon-to-be-married girl who encountered a storyteller, showcased student director Matthew Humason during Labor Day weekend For centuries, storytelling has been a way for humans to express themselves and pass down traditions from generation to generation. Minnehaha students and actors experimented with this art …

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