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AI: What you should really be worried about

How technology will reshape the future job market Knowing about the magnitude of previous technological revolutions, many experts think we are currently experiencing another historical upheaval, known to some as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many workers face uncertainties about the consequences of this revolution, but one known tech development is …

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Robots taking jobs?

Students factor rise of technology into future careers “My neighbor. . .lost his job to outsourcing and automation, kind of a combination,” said economics teacher David Hoffner. “The idea, in economics, is that [when that happens] you need to retrain, you need to get educated. Learn more skills. And he …

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Self-driving cars: Loss of control makes self-drive unsafe

Raj Nair, the development chief of Ford Motor’s self driving cars, recently told the New York Times that in their current state, autonomous driving cars aren’t ready to take on complex driving situations. The comments came in the aftermath of the first fatal car crash to occur when a car …

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